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Pretty Pleased “Dog Complex” Album Review

Blono, Illinois's own Pretty Pleased has much more to offer than just witty song titles. Dog Complex out March 25th has DIY anthem written all over it.

Upon my first listen I immediately found myself comparing this record with the likes of Sorority Noise, Mom Jeans, and even rock kings Weezer. Right out of the gate you are shown how much power they are capable of.

“Burnt Reynolds” kept my head bobbing from first note. The guitars have a depth that is not found in most modern DIY Indie records that I like to see. By the time the solo hits you’re practically begging for it. Josh Kayne delivers hard driven vocal melodies as you feel the emotion coming off his voice. Immediately in hearing this I would compare it to some of my favorite bands like sports., I Am The Avalanche, and even Make Do and Mend. His control of yelling while still keeping pitch in an excellent vocal melody will keep you hooked on every song. “Texas Chainsaw Manager,” and “Phallus At The Palace” both in my opinion have the best grooves on the record. “Texas Chainsaw” primarily brings me into a world of head bobbing only Weezer has brought me into thus far and oh my, it’s a magical state of living. This song has excellent movement between sections that will keep you in this blissful state. Whereas “Phallus” beginning immediately had me making sure I wasn’t accidentally listening to CHON (which I was not.) This song rips though, the guitar tones fill up the entire song at the beginning while the bass just jabs through at you keeping the song pushing forward. My favorite on the record is a tie between two songs though. “Periodic Table of Elephants,” and “Shampoo Supernova.” both of these songs feel the best movement wise and I thoroughly believe if you hear either of these songs you’ll be hooked.

Overall, Dog Complex is a very well rounded release. Pretty Pleased has absolutely no trouble in writing catchy Indie-Emo that will keep you moving start to end.

Songs to watch:

“Periodic Table of Elephants.”

“Groove Lagoon”

“Burnt Reynolds”


Join Pretty Pleased March 25th at Center for The Visual arts to celebrate their record release. It is $5 or free with a canned food item.

Written by: Patrick Farmer