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Pulmonary Sound is an online music publication created by Evan Prunty. It is our goal to share information and opinions on all different types of music. In June 2018, Cassie Blotzer began managing and creating for the site. We are very excited to share her insight and talent! In early 2019, Shelly Duncan and Manda Specht also began contributing their great work to the site!

We are currently located in Cleveland, Ohio.

We have a small team of contributors but we are always looking for submissions. If you are interested in submitting a review, editorial, show recap, or photos you can email submit@pulmonarysound.com

If you are a band or artist who wants to premiere a song or video please send an email to contact@pulmonarysound.com.

Our logo was created by Courtney Yadon. Any articles without credit are written or complied by me (Evan). 

Phone: 216-512-1920