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Plans (Live From Bad Racket) - Video Premiere

Indianapolis band, Plans traveled to Cleveland, Ohio and while they were here visited Bad Racket Recording Studio to record a live version of their song A Week Away from their EP ending//starting. We asked their lead singer, Cody Almond, how the songs on their first EP have transformed since the band recorded them. He says: 

"I think i feel more connected to the songs especially now that I've seen it begin to impact other people and reach them on a personal level. Its been a super positive thing to see people begin singing all these jams with us. We always felt like we recorded the song too slow for the EP, so it was great to get to redo it in a live studio session to bring the energy and vibe to such a professional studio sound."

We were also curious what Plans has up their sleeve this year. Cody let us in on the juicy details:

"We'll be recording a new set of four songs in April out in new jersey. And then tons and tons of touring for the next half of the year. Once we get home we'll get to work on a full length hopefully."

If you can't get enough of Plans, they have a show coming up with Everyone Leaves on March 22 at The Gear in Franklin, Indiana!

Written by: Evan Prunty

Edited by: Arbela Capas