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Spotify shuts down its messaging system

Spotify recently announced that they are doing away with their messaging/inbox system. So you will no longer be able to send your favorite songs, albums, and playlists to other users on the platform. In a post on their community forum Spotify stated on the change:

The huge disparity between the use of the feature and the manpower required to maintain it doesn’t merit keeping it running, so we've taken the difficult decision to remove it.

It seems that many who have noticed the change are up in arms as there are over 1,000 comments on the forum post. One disappointed user commented:

Yeah this is just really disappointing, no way around it. Hard to understand how something seemingly so simple could be deemed too expensive to maintain. What about people who used messages with friends to archive certain music that they had shared with one another without saving to a playlist? Is there no way to at least access old messages?